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Florida Shelter's 'Biggest Underdog' Keeps Getting Overlooked and It's Heartbreaking

Florida animal shelter, known on TikTok as @humanebroward, has recently shared a clip that is breaking our hearts. It's an underdog story for the ages. And we sincerely hope that by sharing this video, this dog will find her forever home. 

Meet Daisy, a Labrador Retriever mix. This sweet doggo has been living in this Florida-based animal shelter longer than any other dog there. Ugh, stop it. Our hearts can't handle this. And neither will yours once you watch this clip. 

Ugh, we told you this clip would break you. Who wouldn't want to bring home this sweet angel? She's absolutely precious! We really hope that the power of social media will come through and give her a loving home and family.

All of TikTok is rooting for Daisy, as are we! @al_ibarra77 commented, "Praying you’ll soon find your forever home sweet girl." We truly believe someone will take her home very soon. "Beautiful baby. She deserves the most loving forever home," said @xkfmx. She deserves that and then some! @Michy002 added, "Sweet Daisy I hope you find your forever home soon. You deserve it." That's all we want for this adorable baby. And we believe wholeheartedly it will happen. She'll be getting hugs and kisses and endless treats in no time at all!

Daisy's adoption fee has even been covered by someone, the caption says. Aww! So now, all she needs is a family to bring her home. If you're interested in adopting Daisy, or another animal, check out the humane society's website here.


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