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Foal's Reaction to Thinking She Lost Her Mom Is Way Too Cute

Remember going to the grocery store with your mom and how she'd ask you to go get something? You do it, but then as you make your way back to the aisle, she vanished. Panic starts to set in. You look down every aisle, circling around the store. And still no mom. You're about to ask for help when out of nowhere, she comes to you. Ugh, it's the worst feeling ever. That's why this recent video of a foal pulled on our heartstrings. We've been in her hoofs before! 

TikTok user @9412r3038m was out riding her horse at their home in Northen Idaho. The horse she was riding just so happens to have a little baby that definitely doesn't like to be left by herself. And since that poor baby didn't see that her mom was busy with the TikToker, she immediately resorted to panic. Watch the foal searches frantically. It'll make you feel like you're back in the grocery store looking for mom. 

Aww, the foal was so scared! She had no idea where he mom was and she was so worried about finding her. The foal was running all around the field and over the creek. To make matter even worse, the creator said a different horse was responding, which confused the little one even more. Poor baby!

"The way momma's ears move 😂 like, 'Lord that's my child,'" commented @Rach_howame29. HA! The mom was embarrassed her baby wasn't using her eyes and just looking! If she stopped for a second, she would've seen her mom was right there! @EmJ added, "'No no, she'll be fine, let her figure out I'm right here...🤦🏻‍♀️' - Momma horse 😂." Exactly! Although, we are a little surprised the momma horse didn't say anything sooner after seeing how frantic her baby was.

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So how did this little foal finally figure out where her mom went? The creator wrote in the comments, "She just ran back to the barn. Rode mom over and she was like - oh there you are. Lol." O.M.G. All that panic for nothing? LOL! As we said before and as @melissa_67 wrote, "Every kid in a store that thought they lost mama 😂😂." 

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