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Foal's Unusual Eye Color Makes Him Even More Impossible to Resist

When this horse owner met her newest foal for the first time, she wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary. Turns out, she was in for a beautiful shock!

In the video posted by @b3eventing, she meets her new foal, Foxfords, for the first time after his momma gave birth. When she gets close, she realizes Foxfords has a unique and gorgeous set of eyes. They are absolutely stunning, and so unusual for a horse! Watch the video to see what eye color Foxfords has, and get ready to melt into a puddle of feelings when he stares into the camera!

Wow, just stunning! The owner was so shocked to see that eye color on her foal, and we cannot believe how pretty those light baby blues are! Sometimes, when a young animal is be born with blue eyes, they will turn brown as they grow up, but hopefully, Foxfords's eyes stay the same!

So many people in the comments were raving about how pretty and unique Foxfords is. @verdalee couldn't believe what she was seeing in the video: "I’ve never seen a horse like this. So beautiful!" Another user, @mytoesaresidthesloth, commented, "If they don’t stay that color I’ll cry real tears." Us too!

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Some fellow horse owners shared similar stories about their foals with unusual eye colors. @sammy.weiss commented, "OMG my little cousin's horse has these same eyes, they’re BEAUTIFUL!" and @kpequestrianservices said, "My Dutch filly was born with a light spot in her eye, it ended up getting bigger and vein blue! My guess is his will stay that way!"

What a beautiful foal! We hope Foxfords and his momma are doing well and staying gorgeous.

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