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Video of Dogs Waiting to Be Adopted at Crowded Florida Shelter Is Tough to Watch

Even though Hurricane Ian ripped through Florida a couple of weeks ago, the destruction and devastation will, unfortunately, last a long time. For instance, just one animal shelter near Fort Lauderdale is receiving dogs every single day. They're filled and could use all the help they can get. 

Ugh, our hearts are seriously breaking. The video, posted by TikTok user @humanebroward, shows just some of the many, many dogs available to adopt. There are dogs ranging from 9 weeks to 9 years who have come to the shelter from communities throughout Florida and the Caribbean. You'll need a tissue to watch this clip. 

Wow, this is so heartbreaking. We can't imagine how sad and scared these babies are feeling. It's such a perfect reminder to everyone how important it is to adopt, don't shop. Plus, this shelter has so many dogs and other animals that could really use a loving home.

"I do not ask the universe for anything, just a home with lots of love for all of them," wrote @la_policia_de_fotos. That's really not too much to ask! @michellesingh659 added, "Praying everyone gets a home." And a loving family with a comfortable bed and hundreds of toys and endless treats. It's the least these fur babies deserve. 

@marinaa.chr said, "Adopt, adopt, adopt, do not stop adoptions! Poor babies!! Save them please!!" Yes, please! These animals and shelters need our help more than ever. If you're interested in saving one of these beautiful fur babies, fill out the pre-adoption application here or stop by the shelter. Let's get these animals a forever home! 


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