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Foster Cat Who Serves As 'Personal Nanny' to Rescue Animals Couldn't Be Sweeter

TikTok user @danimal.kingdom is an angel on earth. She helps bring in rescue animals and fosters them until they're all healthy and ready for their forever home. But one of her foster cats is going above and beyond by helping out this TikToker and we seriously can't get enough. 

The cat, named Annika, is acting as a personal nanny to all the other rescue animals. Sooo cute! The way the cat just steps up and helps out is truly unmatched. And it's no wonder the clip has over 2 million views within the first day! We promise you haven't seen anything sweeter than this. 

Aww, this is beyond adorable! Annika the cat didn't hesitate to bring in the little baby. And it's not even hers! That's a sign of a special cat. She's truly a personal, special nanny to the rescue animals. Can someone get her a raise!?

"Look how she took him in immediately - what a special kitty," wrote @kellyld26. Right!? She just knew what the little animal needed. @kierstan122019 added, "What a beautiful soul Foster Mama Anika has. Her eyes radiate kindness and love." It's so true. She's full of some of the most love we've ever seen from an animal. She's irreplaceable in our eyes! 

@jayloks52 asked, "Does she watch kids too? Need a babysitter for Saturday." LMAO! Honestly, though, she's probably a better babysitter than people we know! We'd gladly let her watch our babies. And we'll pay her in all the treats she could ever want! 


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