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Video of Foster Dog Who Won't Stop Crying After Being Dumped by His Owners Is Just Heartbreaking

We will never be able to understand pet owners who dump their animals at a shelter. Sometimes there are circumstances beyond their control that prevent them from keeping their pets, but other times they simply don't care about their pets anymore. One dog was the victim of a surrender at a shelter and his reaction is heartbreaking.

TikTok user @woofcreativecare recently shared a video of her latest foster dog, Heinz, who was dumped by his family and would have been euthanized if this foster mom hadn't stepped in. Check out the video to see Heinz's tragic reaction to being abandoned by his former family.

Wow, we feel so bad for this pup! We can't imagine how confused and scared he must be, but we are thankful for this foster who is doing everything she can to help Heinz.

People in the comments feel so sorry for this dog. @beach4ever1974 said, "Poor little guy! I hope you heal his broken heart," and @steeler_girl19 commented, "That’s so sad. He just doesn’t understand. We don’t deserve the love of a dog." Dogs have such big hearts, they never deserve to be betrayed by the families they give their love to!

Others are thanking his foster for stepping up to rescue Heinz from euthanasia. @gaylepickard commented, "Thank you for saving that beautiful dog! You are an angel." Another user, @lee_montemayor, said, "Thank for saving this precious soul. I still don't understand how someone could do that." We are thankful for people like this foster mom who are dedicated to bettering the lives of animals!

We hope Heinz turns into a foster fail. It would break his heart again if he had to be moved to a new family right as he was getting used to this environment where he was shown so much love and compassion. Luckily, Heinz's foster mom seems to be seriously considering adopting him already! We wish you the best of luck, Heinz.