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Foster Mom's Video of Dog No One Is Interested in Has Us in Tears

Rescue dogs are some of the sweetest, most resilient animals you will ever meet. Not only have they overcome scary situations--like living in an entirely new place while all alone--but they're still brave and loving enough to get to know a new family. Watching them blossom into their best selves is the best part!

Dog foster mama @lorigale90 knows exactly how magical it is. She's helping her current rescue pup, Ruby, find her fur-ever home, and it's just the sweetest thing.

OMG, Ruby girl! She seems like the absolute best dog, and we're shocked she hasn't been snatched up by a loving owner yet. We could just get lost in those gorgeous brown eyes!

Needless to say, Lori's TikTok followers are falling in love with Ruby. Commenter @boscosmoms said, "what a perfect dog. The perfect owner will find her soon." You're 100% right! Her soul person will see her light and do everything in their power to be with her--and that person might even be in the comments!

"I want her!!!" wrote @helenwebb958. "Lost 15 yo baby girl a few months ago!!! I'll take her!!!" OMG--we hope you and Lori can work something out! We can tell how much Ruby loves being with loved ones, and it would be the greatest thing to find someone who adores her just as much. TikTok--do your magic! With a little time and any luck, Ruby will be in her forever home before we know it. 

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