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Foster Dog's 'Passion for Opera' Might Be the Cutest Thing We've Ever Seen

A dog has surprised the internet with his passion for a certain type of music. And we're absolutely here for it. Little Sweeney burst out in song while watching TV with his owner recently, when one of the actors in the show started singing opera. We don't think we've ever heard of an opera-loving doggo before — but we'll surely never forget the way this pup reacted. 

The adorable footage was shared by Samson's Sanctuary Rescue (@samsonssanctuary), a rescue in Los Angeles that was definitely charmed by Sweeney having his breakout moment. The footage shows the pup watching the Netflix show Persuasion. Although we're thinking that no one could've predicted what happened when one of the characters started to sing. "POV: you foster a puppy and discover he has a passion for opera," the onscreen caption reads. 

With almost 150,000 views online, it's clear that no one was expecting the pup to start singing along with the TV. "You can tell he’s classically trained," @chrissybruzek wrote in the comments section. "No auto-tune needed here!! Natural talent baby!!" @kismetta teased. "He was an opera singer in his past life!" @melissagdavalos exclaimed. "Well if this is not the cutest thing I’ve ever seen then idk what is!!!" @tnc_123 chimed in. 

If you want to see even more Sweeney sweetness, another video on the Samson's Sanctuary Rescue's page shows the story of how Sweeney and his siblings came into their care. This good boy is still up for adoption. Or as the video states in the onscreen caption, "He just needs a chance."

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Here's hoping he gets one!

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