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Moment Scared Dog Seeks Affection From Foster Mom Has Us in Tears

Many times, dogs that are in shelters or in foster care have been through some trauma, whether it was an abusive owner, being a stray, or something else entirely. This can leave them scared and distrustful of humans, so it is not always easy for fosters to bond with the dog initially. One foster mom shared an incredible moment of progress with her nervous foster dog in this viral video.

TikTok user @peakepups recently shared a video of her foster dog, Ricky, a Chihuahua, seeking affection for the first time. The video says that Ricky is "afraid of the world" and doesn't seek out human touch. Check out the video to see this sweet pup who is working hard to learn how to trust again!

Awww, Ricky is such an adorable pup—our heart is broken for him! We can't imagine what he must have endured before he ended up at his foster moms's house, but we hope he knows he is safe and loved now.

People in the comments felt so bad for Ricky and desperately wanted to comfort him. @d33ni3 said, "Those eyes are so sweet. I want to hug Ricky!" and @tomatospinat commented, "This is love, it’s in the eyes. I would hug this sweet baby the whole day." We wish we could do something to take Ricky's pain away!

Others fell in love with this adorable pup and couldn't help but be mesmerized by his eyes. @stormpie_mari commented, "Awww those eyes, my heart just absolutely melted. Sweet pea, you are such a gorgeous oldie. Love you to bits." Another user, @mrscosy, said, "Keep it up, Ricky, your true, loving family are on their way. You are such a darling." This pup is very easy to fall for, we are sure someone will want to adopt him soon!

We are so glad that Ricky has a great foster mom who is loving and patient with him. Hopefully, he is able to make more progress with trusting humans so he can find his forever family!

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