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Woman Gets the Surprise of Her Life After Taking in 2 Pregnant Foster Dogs

People who foster animals are real-life angels. The fact that they open their home to these animals who have been through so much is incredible. And honestly, we don't know how they do it, especially since there's always a bittersweet goodbye as the pets eventually get adopted. We wouldn't be able to handle it! And we can't even imagine trying to say goodbye to this sweet surprise a foster mom from North Carolina got. 

A woman, known as TikTok user @carterandthepups, was fostering two pregnant dogs. A tall task already! But then on her third day of having these precious mommas, something happened. She calls it "absolute chaos in the sweetest way possible," and we couldn't agree more! We bet she didn't sign up for all the chaos that ensued, but we also know there are probably no regrets. You'll be amazed by this surprise! 

Aww! Aren't they just the cutest?! This creator knew the momma dogs were pregnant but she probably didn't expect the birth to happen so soon. It was within the first three days of fostering that not one, but both dogs went into labor! And then 16 puppies?! This foster mom deserves an award! 

"That's what heaven looks like," said @lhoff1329. Agreed! We want to be greeted by puppies in every direction just like you see in this video. "Definitely a solid 10/10 cuddle puddle. They're so adorable," added @weird_angelz. This is a cuddle party we need to be part of! 

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TikToker @Cissa Anne wrote, "This gives me 101 Dalmatian vibes!!! ♥️♥️♥️( and yes I know they are not Dalmatians 😂)." LOL! With all those little ones running around, it's definitely 101 Dalmatian vibes. Or as the creator said, "101 mutts." We love that! @Hi_How_Are_You commented, "My toxic trait is thinking I’d be able to keep all of them." How do foster parents not get attached?! We'd want to keep them all too!

For those of you who are interested in adopting one of the 16 little ones, they will be available through Saving Grace, which is out of Wake Forest. They are waiting until the pups are 10 weeks old before you can adopt them. Sign us up! 

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