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Video of Foster Kitten's Tiny Halloween Costumes Is Everything

Sometimes you'll just run across a video that you want to share with everyone you know because it's just...that...cute. Cat lovers, this is your time because the video that @Fostercatsofsac  posted is just one of those videos. 

Get ready for cuteness overload because this tiny foster kitten named Lavender getting all dressed up for Halloween is the exact definition of cute. We can't stand it!

OMG STOP. We can't with this. Each costume is cuter than the last. How can you even pick a favorite? The witch? The cowboy? The pirate? Each look is too much! 

@Stephanieiche977 agrees posting, "Cuteness. Meter. Over. LOADING."  His little mouth! @Nela added, "The most appropriate reason I cried today." Aww, he's that cute he is making people cry! @LaurenKennedy says, "THE TEETH. I’m losing it, how is she so cute?"  His mouth is just so funny and cute! So much expression in such a tiny body! This cute kitten was made to be photographed.

This little guy isn't even cute, he's ridiculously cute. This kitten just won Halloween. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have to go send this post to everyone we know! 

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