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Adorable Puppy's Instant Bond with Foster Mom Has Us in Our Feelings

It's not hard to fall in love with puppies. Their adorable faces and eager demeanor are enough to crack a smile on even the most stoic person. However, it is special when you are able to form an immediate bond with a foster puppy, just like this woman did.

TikTok user @socalpuppies is on a mission to help dogs in southern California find homes. She recently shared a video of her foster puppy, a Maltese and Poodle mix named Billy, and told viewers about the bond they have formed already. Check out the video to see this adorable pup and how attached he is to his foster mom!

OMG, Billy is adorable, and the bond they have is just lovely! This pup loves to be included and will fall in love with anyone who sticks by his side. He is going to be the best dog for his future family!

People in the comments were astounded that this woman wasn't keeping the pup. @karenbrenna123 said, "Oh my gosh, how can you not keep him? I would not have the heart to hand him over to someone else! He is already attached to you. He is so precious!" Another user, @erikalisvethcastr, commented, "Did you keep him? Please tell me that you did! My heart hurts just by you saying you can’t keep him." We hope Billy turns into a foster fail!

Others are wishing they could adopt the pup. @deedee_serna_pereida commented, "I’d take him in a heartbeat," and @brittanyg9030 said, "OMG I would love to have him!" We know there will be plenty of people clamoring to adopt Billy very soon!

While we hope Billy's foster mom adopts him, we know that he will be the perfect fit where he ends up. This puppy is destined to be the ultimate companion!

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