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Video of Foster Puppy Slowly Starting to Trust New Family Makes Us Melt

Dogs in shelters will often have past trauma that leaves them scared and distrustful of people. Taking things slow and gentle with pups like this allows them to become more comfortable in their surroundings and unlearn their fear of others, like one family who fostered a puppy that was found abandoned. She was very shy at first, but eventually opened up to the family.

TikTok user @kimberly.corban recently shared a video of their foster journey with this pup. When the puppy was first picked up from the shelter, she was very shy and did not venture out of the carrying crate. Eventually, with a lot of gentle patience and love, she began to feel comfortable and safe enough to explore the yard and house. Check out the video to see how this rescue pup comes out of her shell with the help of two older dogs and two young children.

This is so lovely! We're thrilled that this pup is coming out of her shell, and the way she was playing and prancing around the yard with this family is so wonderful.

People in the comments love how uplifting and adorable this video is.  @slaesch75 said, "Your daughter playing with her is absolutely heartwarming," and @lauraellis610 commented, "Oh my goodness, how sweet are your kids for trying so hard to be calm and quiet!" It's great how understanding and careful these kiddos are with the puppy!

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Others were begging for this puppy to become a foster fail! commented, "I think you should keep her. She’s so happy, and your beautiful family would take such great care of her!" and @pokemoncardscollector93 said, "Seeing her fully trusting you guys is so heartwarming. You NEED to keep her!" This puppy would be a magical addition to the family—you can see the bond between her and the children already!

We are so glad this puppy is coming out of her shell. We know that wherever she ends up, she will bring love and joy to her forever home!


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