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Tear-Jerking Video Reminds Us How Fostering Can Change a Dog's Life

We've all heard about the joys of rescuing a dog (and we can confirm: it's beyond rewarding), but fewer people consider becoming a foster parent for animals in need. We understand that it may not be for everyone, but we think everyone should at least learn about this important role in the rescue process. Fostering can make a world of difference for so many animals!

South Carolina's Darlington Humane Society posted the best glow-up video to show how much a foster parent can improve the lives of pets. It's equally adorable and inspiring--so we get why TikTok is obsessed!

Be still our hearts! We are over the moon to see these girls so happy after such a difficult time in their lives, and we know it's their foster family who made all the difference. Any new relationship is bound to be an adjustment at first, but it must've been so comforting to trade a small kennel for a home.

"God bless anyone who rescues or adopts," wrote commenter @americanbulliescl. "Keep these two together for some lucky family!" We're sure they will! A bonded pair like these fur sisters will do so much better when they stay together--as we've already seen in their foster home.

"So beautiful! So happy they feel loved," @luv...me1 agreed. It just warms our hearts! Still, it's hard to imagine anyone surrendering these sweet girls. @Annalexander4l said, "I just don’t understand how folks do this." Neither do we, but we're so relieved that there are places like @darlingtonhumane where animals have their best shot at finding a loving home. Rescuers and fosters are more valuable than you can imagine!

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