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Woman's Commitment to Fostering During Hurricane Ian Is Touching Hearts

TikTok user @ashleyxoclark knew she wanted to help out as Hurricane Ian was drawing nearer. That's when she decided to stop in at her local shelter to foster a dog for the next few days or so. How sweet is that?! 

But as she was on her way home with one dog, she turned around. Not because she changed her mind. She turned around to do something we were not expecting at all. This video will seriously melt your heart! 

Aww! Is this not the sweetest thing you've ever seen?! We slightly panicked when she said she was turning around but then the joy on our faces when she said it was to pick up another foster dog. Ugh, we can't handle it!! "Y’all are amazing 😭🙌🏼," said @morganmattson1315. Very special people indeed!

The two puppos look so happy and snuggly in their new temporary home. "No joke they look like they fit right in," wrote @mayziegendel. Right?! Maybe that means it won't be a temporary home... @laurenjanean added, "Looks like you got two new dogs!!! Congratulations." A foster fail in the best way possible!

"So you're just gonna not post updates. I see how it is," commented @BGS_GHXSTY. LOL! Seriously though, we've been waiting all day for an update! But we have a feeling those two doggos will fit right in at their foster home. Fingers crossed it actually becomes their forever home!


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