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French Bulldog's Bedroom Complete With a TV and Dresser Is Beyond Extra

You might feel like you treat your pet like one of the family, but you’d have to work pretty hard to beat one woman online, who treats her dog so well that he even has his own room. That’s right, Olaf has a nicer setup than most humans do. Luckily for us, his owner was willing to show off his swanky digs in a new video that’s going viral online.

The French Bulldog’s paradise was the talk of the internet recently — and honestly even we can’t stop thinking about it. “Here’s my mom’s spoiled little doggie’s room,” his big sister @autumn.dabean can be heard saying in the footage. Not only does Olaf have his own Paw Patrol bed, he has posters of other dogs on his walls and a spare sleeping area — “for when his friends come over.” Olaf’s sweet digs also include a drawer full of clothes, a toy box, and his own personal TV. “What the heck?” @autumn.dabean said. Our thoughts exactly. Check out this amazing pad.


WHOA. People in the comments section were on Olaf’s side. “He’s like, girl get out lol,” @lyttleblackmeow wrote. “He is like, damn girl get over it already,” another user agreed. “You mean ‘here is my little brother’s room,’” @little_miss95 joked.

Other people were jealous. “He's living more comfortably than me,” @madisonfiles added. “Tell me who the favorite is without telling me who the favorite is,” @kaykayheyhey17 wrote. “Ask mom if she needs another pet. I promise I'm well behaved and don't bark,” @the__pumpkin_queen pleaded.

It really is hard to see someone else live your dream. Although, can we blame Olaf's mama? One look at his sweet little face, and we'd give him anything he wants.