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French Bulldog Obsessed With Wearing Her 'Chicken Robe' Is Living Her Best Life

There's nothing quite like sliding into your favorite clothes, whether they're pajamas, a big T-Shirt, or a fluffy bathrobe that looks like a chicken. When you feel comfy and cute, anything is possible!

Ollie the French Bulldog knows exactly how this works, as her family showed in a recent TikTok video on their account. In fact, she has a favorite 'chicken robe' that she can't live without, and we are living for it. Watch what she does each morning in an effort to get her parents to put it on for her. It's the cutest thing! 

Not to be dramatic, but we would die for Ollie and her chicken robe. We totally get why she's obsessed! Like many of the commenters, @ahdfkh is obsessed, too. 

"Omg 😂, that is SO dam CUTE 🥰," she wrote. Isn't it?! It's no surprise why everyone is asking for the link to buy this adorable robe. Thanks to @cannoncode's comments, we were able to narrow down that this is the Hudson Baby Animal Face Hooded Bathrobe, but we haven't found it in stock anywhere online. That just means we'll need to get our full dose of chicken robe cuteness from Ollie! 

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"Reminds me of the little kids who walk around in Spider-Man costumes or Disney princess dresses," wrote @l.sampson. LMAO, it reminds us of that, too! Ollie's parents got a laugh from that comment, too, replying, "😂 We can’t tell if she likes the comfort or if she likes that it makes her one of her stuffed animal toys." Aww!

Even without the robe, though, little miss Ollie is precious. @Cannoncode, the hero who found the robe's brand, commented, "OMG, she's adorable! love how she's just waiting for help." It is pretty funny how she stares intensely at the robe as if it will make her parents appear to get it for her. In her defense, it kind of works! After all, as @courtneymills55 said, "A Queen must always look good 🥰." Always!

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