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Video of French Bulldog Belting Out His 'Dunkin Donuts' Order Is Priceless

If you think you sound awkward at the drive-thru window, just wait until you see this little French Bulldog. Walter is one vocal dude, but it makes for the absolute greatest TikToks. His account, @waltergeoffrey, already has a million followers! 

In this hilarious video, he makes his way to Dunkin' Donuts to order his usual. It may be a skit between him and his momma, but it had us laughing just the same!

Oh, Walter! He's such a sassy dude, and we are absolutely living for it. Get this boy a toy immediately! After all, that is what he ordered.

"I swear he said, 'oh, no' when you said there were no more toys. He’s precious," said commenter @retiredchick56. Isn't he the best? If we were his paw-rent, we'd have extra toys on hand at all times.

"Walter Geoffrey deserves respect!!" wrote @blackbeltchick1. "We are calling corporate!!!" LOL! This king of sass has attitude for days--that's easy to see--but we'd never dream of sassing him back. Just like @ellenscottgrable said, "Walter is a national treasure," and deserves to be treated as such!

@Shh.lmw's comment made us watch the video all over again in a totally different light. She wrote about, "the other dog in the back just like 'I do not know him.” We hadn't even noticed the second pup! They were sitting so still and quietly in the back, unlike their opinionated brother. @Teneishaecoleman said, "That dog got vocals," and we can't help but agree.!

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