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French Bulldog's Concern Over Her 'Soul Mate' Healing From Surgery Is the Saddest Thing

Video of a French Bulldog begging to be reunited with the other dog in the house is absolutely melting our hearts today. And we have to warn you, you might shed a tear too. 

According to Amy Ruth Prince (or @amyruthprince, as she goes by on TikTok) her poor pup Tony had to have his eye removed after a freak accident. "Small scratch got infected and in less than 24 hours he had to have his eye removed," she explained in a video. Poor thing! During his recovery, he and his fur sibling Rosie had to be kept apart from each other. Which was difficult, to say the least. "Rosie is Tony's soulmate, and I have to keep them separated for Tony to heal," Prince explained in the onscreen caption. "She hasn't eaten in two days." The look on her face as she begs her mama to let her see Tony is almost too sad to see. 

But don't worry too much. "I will let them see each other tonight," their owner wrote in the caption. 

"Oh my heart! Her little face just pressed against the gate," @natalieayn wrote in the comments section. "She knows he is hurting and wants to he with him," @amberclaire15 added. "Poor little dudes. Being a fur baby parent can be brutal but you know you're doing what's best for them. Hope he heals quickly and well," @eldiabloblanco71 chimed in. "Poor guy! Hope he has a fast recovery so Rose can get in there and love her man," @deathwishtv45 commented. 

We hope Tony gets better quickly! But in the meantime one commenter seemed to write exactly what we were thinking: "I’m not crying over a dog love story."

Okay — maybe we are just a bit.