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French Bulldog Is Not Having It with Target Halloween Display

Some people are huge fans of Halloween and say it's their favorite holiday, even more than Christmas. But some people can do without the kids knocking on their doors, begging for candy, the scary costumes, the creepy decorations everywhere you look starting in late September. 

And just like people, some dogs aren't a huge fan of spooky season either.For example, check out this beautiful little French Bulldog that belongs to the account @Truffandhoney and decide if this baby is in the Halloween spirit or not. 

Haha! He seems to love riding in mama's cart but when he sees that singing skeleton he issues a warning bark like "Okay there buddy! Don't come any closer with your goofy Halloween song!" @Suoawmodelkennels says "Adorable! We love Target!" and @maureendesquitad3 replies "Adorable dog!" 

He sure is happy wearing his little Halloween hat, but just doesn't seem too into the decorations. We bet this little baby has a wonderful Halloween no matter how he celebrates! 

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