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People Think French Bulldog's Muzzle Makes Her Look Like 'Hannibal Lecter'

As pet owners, one of our greatest concerns is our pets eating things they are not supposed to. Many people have come up with unique solutions to this problem, including the owner of this French Bulldog, who is channeling his inner Hannibal Lecter on their walks.

Olive's owner recently posted a TikTok to their account, @olivetheadorabull, explaining that Olive loves to eat grasshoppers when she goes outside. Olive's mom faced a dilemma because she couldn't allow her to eat the grasshoppers due to the intestinal problems it caused, but Olive's face shape doesn't allow for muzzle use when outside. Enter: the Hannibal Lecter mask.

Below is the hilarious video Olive's mom captions "hanibulldog lecter." Check it out to see if you agree with the resemblance!

OMG, the similarities are uncanny! Olive looks much less threatening in her mask, but we might keep a few feet distance when she starts going after grasshoppers.

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The people in the comments of the video couldn't believe the similarities! Many people commented "Hello Clarice," which is an iconic line of Hannibal Lecter's in the horror movie Silence of the Lambs, indicating recognition of the resemblance. Several others asked if Olive ate her grasshoppers with fava beans and Chianti wine, another reference to a commonly quoted line from the film. 

Others made non-Hannibal Lecter jokes. @andrayataber commented, "Awww, she just likes the crunch! Give her the protein!" Maybe Olive can eat some treats if she wants a little bit of crunch. It seems like her mom doesn't like the clean up that comes after the grasshopper consumption! @hahakeeplooking said, "It really brings out her eyes." We agree, Olive's eyes are popping! Though, maybe that's because she's eyeing a grasshopper she wants to eat.

On the bright side, we know what Olive's next Halloween costume should be!

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