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French Bulldog Gets More Than He Bargained for After Harassing the Family Cat

Cat and dog siblings have no problem getting along in most cases, but in others? Well, they fight just like... cats and dogs. Or regular human siblings. Such was the case with a French Bulldog puppy who kept harassing the family cat, seemingly because he wanted to play. The video of the interaction was uploaded to TikTok by @frenchiemamaof2, and with over half a million views, plenty of people are getting a kick out of these pets.

In the clip, you'll see the cat relaxing on the back of the couch, and the Frenchie hops up and starts pawing at the feline, wanting a little playtime. Be sure to watch the video until the end, where the pup gets a very unwelcome surprise.

LOL! The other cat totally came to the resting cat's rescue, as if to say, "You leave my sibling alone!" TikTok users are loving how the one cat stuck up for the other. @Patricia Allsup said, "Everybody had their back up buddy 😂😂." Then @Lorrine added, Probably the only video that was really worth the wait to continue watching to the end! 😂😂 True example of 'I have your back!'"

Another commenter, @Luna I'nnor joked, "The black cat and the second dog are paid actors." Indeed, people were loving how the black and white dog came in at the end like, "What's going on in here?!" @Dela Cruz noted, "😅 The whole squad was ready for the back up."

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Unfortunately, the scolding from the cat didn't appear to be enough to keep this pup from trying to start things. The pets' owner posted another video, this time of the two Frenchies appearing to gang up on the black cat.

Aww. Can't they all just get along? Maybe things in that household will calm down once junior grows up a little bit. (Then again, maybe not.)

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