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French Bulldog's Protest Over Riding in Her Car Seat Has People Cracking Up

Some dogs love to take car rides and get pretty excited about them, but others? Well, let's just say that it's not all fun and games for every pup, especially when mom restrains you in a car seat. One absolutely adorable French Bulldog named Beth wasn't shy about voicing her displeasure over having to ride in her doggie car seat, which her mom documented on TikTok.

The clip of the dog, uploaded by @pardonthyfrench currently has 1.5 million views, and people are really getting a kick over this pup's attitude about her riding arrangements. Captioned with, "You think she likes it?", the answer is most definitely not.

LOL! She totally isn't having it! According to her bio, this funny gal is a tripod and cancer survivor, and she certainly has a big personality, too! Commenters are laughing over her pushing back about the car seat. @Elle_Belle85 said, "Seems like she has some choice words, mom… 😂." Then @Oneman6 added that this particular car seat is simply not acceptable, saying, "It’s not up to her standards." Haha!

Another TikTok user, @Wink added, "Frenchies are such drama queens, and I love it 🥰."

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Little Beth might not be happy about that car seat, but it's so important to keep pets safe while traveling. Even though they might not want to be restrained, having small dogs in a car seat is just so much safer, especially if the vehicle were to get into a collision.

We sure hope Beth will get a little more used to her seat as time goes on. But you have to admit, hearing her complain about it is pretty darn adorable! 

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