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French Bulldog's Reaction to His Favorite Person Going on Vacation Is Just Priceless

Everyone deserves a vacation now and again, even if it means leaving our fur babies in the hands of loved ones for a few days. Of course, you'll miss each other, but the time apart will only make your time together more memorable. Unless you're this French Bulldog's favorite person, anyways; because this pup had one unforgettable reaction to her absence. 

Luckily, TikTok user @carenleek caught her dog's drama on film, and we are absolutely living for it. In the video, the pup is clearly missing Caren's daughter--the vacationer in question--and although they barely even move, the French Bulldog's actions say it all. 

Precious pup! We love this fur baby's loyalty to their favorite person. She must feel so special! We certainly would with a buddy waiting for us like that. Still, it's hard not to giggle at how dramatic this whole scene is. 

Commenters agree! @Isabellion_ noticed the same thing we did. She said, "acting like it's a funeral, poor baby 😂." LOL, that's exactly what it looks like! We loved @yourmamashouse's idea to set the scene, too: "all they need is a candle lit and it would be perfect." If we didn't know any better we would think she'd left this earth!

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"So sad she’s not allow to go on vacation again," wrote @elizabethqueens37. Well, duh! How could you leave the house ever again with a sweet pup waiting for you like this? We're on the same page as @moomer77 who confessed, "Omg that would destroy me 😭." Right?

Believe it or not, some dog owners in the comments aren't even talking hypothetically. "This is exactly why I cancelled my Puerto Vallarta trip 🐶," said @puppylove4lifee. "Good thing I had travel insurance 😂." Good thing, indeed! 

Even though Caren's daughter wasn't able to postpone her trip to be with her fur baby, just imagine the kind of greeting she'll get when she gets home! We hope that moment gets shared on TikTok, too. 

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