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French Bulldog's Protest Over His 'Pup Patty' Taking Too Long Is Just Priceless

Sorry Karens of the world, but there's a new complainer on the block that will give you a run for your money. We think you've finally met your match. There might not be anyone more vocal than this French Bulldog. We've seen him before and we're sure we'll see him again, but for those who don't know him, meet Walter aka @waltergeoffrey on TikTok. Walter has been known to cause scenes. Whether that's being forced to meet fans or when he realizes he's at the vet. This pup sure knows how to make his opinions known no matter who he's with. 

Walter's most recent Karen-like episode was while his grandparents were watching him. His grandparents decided to treat him to a pup patty. And yes, pup patties are a thing at In-n-Out! SO cool! But as they were waiting in the car, Walter was getting a little frustrated. Or a better way to put it, he was HANGRY. And don't worry, he let everyone know just how he was feeling. If it were us, we wouldn't want to hold him up any longer! 

LMAO! Don't these workers know Walter was in the car?! You can't make royalty wait like this. He really started yelling because his fast food clearly wasn't fast enough for his liking! 

TikTok users are on Walter's side for this one. @Heather Baker said, "Hustle people hustle. Walter waits for nobody 😂😍." We wonder if they started to put some pep in their step after hearing Walter complain. LOL! We have to agree with @whatthedill0 who wrote, "Walter is the ONLY customer I wouldn't mind yelling at me." Right? It would be so hard not to crack a smile while listening to him though! 

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Another TikToker, @bbcomfort, added, "Walter asking for the manager because the service was slow! 😂😂😂." This was definitely his call to speak to someone higher up. And once he does, he'll be demanding for a free meal the next time he comes because his pup patty took too long. We hate to break it to this joint, but you best believe he's leaving a bad review! 

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