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French Bulldog Puppies That Look Like Bunnies Are Impossible to Resist

A litter of puppies chasing their mama around the house has taken the internet by storm. But the reason why is actually sort of surprising. Of course, the footage from @enzoth3kid is so adorable — and yes, every parent can pretty much relate to the feeling of never having a moment to themselves. But it a comparison that commenters later made that makes the footage all the better. Take a look!

The poor mama Frenchie just wanted some peace and quiet, but her many (many) pups weren't going to let that happen. As the video from Southwest Desert Frenchies shows, the pups stayed close behind their mom no matter where she went. And while we can't read minds, it seems like mama has had just about enough together time. At one point, it looks like she even tries to lose the group — but nope. They weren't easily fooled. 

The video has since been watched over 1 million times, with so many people writing in that this was the cutest problem to have. "Look at all the fluffy potatoes," @omisaeteurn joked. "I'm going to die of cuteness broo," @carmenvaldez222 lamented. "Omfg the ones dragging their back legs," @ellee__johnson gushed. "My heart strings," @hi_its_andria added. 

Although we think one commenter said it best: "I thought they were baby bunnies," @
hayley__a__r commented. 

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Baby bunnies! Could that be any cuter? We're sure that mom took a long nap after the video was over. However going by the footage, it's possible that her baby "bunnies" followed her all the way to her bed. 

Tsk tsk tsk. Parents. They can never seem to get a break.

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