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Starbucks Barista's Reaction to Serving a Pup Cup to French Bulldog Puppy Is Just the Best

We have found our new favorite TikTok account and we have a feeling you'll agree too. TikTok user @grahamgraham88 is a Starbucks worker who has been highlighting all the fur babies that come through the drive-thru getting puppuccinos. We seriously can't get enough! 

In a recent clip that captured our attention, this Starbucks employee couldn't contain his excitement over an adorable French Bulldog puppy. Well, come on, how could anyone hold their cool with this cutie in your face? His reaction is spot on to how we felt after seeing this pup! 

O.M.G. We don't even have words. We would've snatched this puppy up and taken her home with us because she's just too cute to resist! Turns out this adorable, tiny Frenchie is only four weeks old. Ugh, so cute! And her name is Pearl. We love you, Pearl! 

"Those ears!!" said @bluehairedgrlontt. Those ears are bigger than her whole body!! TikTokers are even comparing her to Doby from Harry Potter, which we think is absolutely spot on. Or even Yoda! LOL! 

"Cuteness. Meter. Over. LOADING!!! 😍," commented @Stephanie Eiche977. Seriously though! We haven't seen a puppy this cute in forever so we totally understand why this employee had the reaction he did. We actually would've screamed if we saw Pearl. LOL! @kamenr50 added, "I must hold the dog it is too adorable I cannot resist." We would be asking every single person with a fur baby at the drive-thru to hold their dogs. How do the employees resist?! 


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