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Video of French Bulldog Reuniting With Dad at the Airport Is Precious

No one likes being apart from their loved ones for long periods of time. You'll miss them, and talking on the phone doesn't bring the same comfort as being together. However, this time apart always makes for great reunions. One pup was apart from his dad for a long time, and they recently experienced the joy of a long anticipated reconciliation.

TikTok user @itsgnocchithefrenchie recently shared a video of their French Bulldog, Gnocchi, waiting for his dad at the airport. The text on the video says that Gnocchi has been apart from his dad for two months, and we can tell this pup is eager to see his papa. Check out the video to see this precious reunion!

Awwww, this is so sweet! We are so glad they were finally able to be together. Gnocchi's dad better not be going anywhere any time soon, because this pup just won't allow it!

People in the comments were in tears over this interaction. @dora93_ said, "I don’t want to cry, it’s too early in the morning for that. Gnocchi is the cutest, OMG." Another user, @sadiejames69, commented, "This has me in tears." We got a bit teary-eyed as well!

Others thought this was a beautiful moment that they captured in the video. @jessbiscuit3 commented, "So beautiful. Dogs really are man’s best friend," and @newyorkgiantsfangirl said, "This is so cute, dogs are the best!" We are so undeserving of the love and loyalty dogs give us!

We are so happy that Gnocchi finally got to see his dad. We can't imagine being away from our pups for that long, so we're sure his dad isn't ready to be apart again any time soon! 

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