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Frenchie Becomes Unlikely Mama to Group of Baby Skunks and It's So Heartwarming

The parental instinct can run pretty deep. So much so, that sometimes animals can play Mom or Dad to babies of a completely different species. Take a French Bulldog on TikTok who fell in love with some skunk babies that his mama was rescuing. The pup was so enamored with the skunks that he's taken them under his wing. And TBH, we think they love him just as much. 

According to the video later shared by @drrdolittle, the pup is "obsessed" with the skunk babies. The dog even leapt up and onto the table where they were playing to get a better look. "He watches over all the wildlife babies, but he's definitely partial to the skunk babies," the video's text overlay reads. The footage showed all of the skunk babies playing around the pup in their enclosure — and he's absolutely loving it. 

"This is his happy place," the caption states. The TikToker creator also assured viewers that her dog had been vaccinated "to the Nth degree," and the skunks had been quarantined before she allowed them to play together. So no worries about anyone getting sick.

The comments section was cracking up over this unusual pairing. "Oh my goodness from the ground to table to three seconds. Nothing will keep you from those you love," @user53941574 wrote. "Oh my goodness this is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!!" @ellegreene2018 praised. "Well at least you don’t have to worry about him getting sprayed," @scrapcraftyjess teased.

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Although most people were impressed by the dog's high jump. What a good boy!

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