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Tortoise Gets Kisses From French Bulldog in Video We Can't Resist

Everyone likes to receive affection from their loved ones. It's a nice and comforting feeling, so it's important to always show your family and friends that you love them through your actions. Two pet siblings shared a sweet moment that shows their love in this video you don't want to miss.

TikTok user @mybulldogdivas recently shared a video of her tortoise, Merlot, and two French Bulldogs, Alita and Jaylin, crowded around a water bowl. In the video, the two Bulldogs quench their thirst as Merlot observes before Jaylin gives him kisses! Check out the video to see this sweet moment for yourself.

Awww, what a lovely display of affection for Merlot! Jaylin gave the tortoise a few gentle kisses on the nose after she finished drinking her water. We can tell these animals get along very well together!

People in the comments think this is adorable. @dorothycroucher6 said, "That's so sweet. They love each other, it’s great." Another user, @girlie11, commented, "It's cute how they interact so well!" We think it's amazing that animals of different species are still able to have such strong relationships with one another!

Another user wished their animals interacted like this. @little.tr33 said, "OMG, this is my dream...but I have a Staffy who thinks tortoises are toys." This is the kind of relationship all pet parents dream of for their babies!

We can't get enough of this video. The gentle kisses Jaylin gives to Merlot are exactly what anyone would want at the end of a long day! We wonder if we can get Jaylin to give us kisses like this, too.

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