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French Bulldog's Funny Way of Asking the Neighbors for Treats Is Downright Adorable

Everyone dreams of having food delivered to them at the ring of a bell. To be waited on in such a manner is a marker of a life of luxury. One dog is living this dream with the help of his neighbors, and the video is too good to resist.

TikTok user @kimbullie recently shared a video of their French Bulldog, Theo, ringing a bell in their backyard near a brick wall separating them from their neighbor's yard. Check out the video to see what Theo got from his neighbors in return!

Aww, this is too adorable! We love how Theo was persistent and rang the bell a few times to make sure his neighbors heard him asking for the treats. What a good boy!

People in the comments couldn't get enough of this video. @louise_louise21 said, "I love how impatient he was getting," and @icanneverpickaname commented, "I love how the humans don’t talk to each other." There were so many good moments in this short video, it's hard to pick a favorite!

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Others joked that it took too long for the neighbors to deliver Theo's treats to him. @meatballs_mommy commented, "What a good neighbor… even if the service was a tad slow LOL," and @felicitygpalmer said, "Service was a bit slow, l wouldn't leave a tip." We agree, it was unacceptable that Theo had to ring the bell three times!

We love the relationship between Theo and his neighbor. They clearly love their neighboring pup! Maybe we can train our neighbors to bring us snacks as well.

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