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Video of French Bulldog Trying Pineapple for the First Time Has People Obsessed

Is there anything better than watching an animal eat a snack? Admit it, they're just so darn cute. Although basically anything our pets do is downright adorable. But there really is something about watching them chow down that is just perfect. Take a recent trending video on the internet, which shows a Frenchie named Marvel trying pineapple for the first time. One hundred precent cuteness, that's what it is!

TikToker Ellen of @marvellen has the best job in the world — she has thousands of followers who watch her feed her pup Marvel snacks. Consider us totally jealous. Especially because Marvel is so darn sweet. The pup racked up over 800,000 views when he tried a brand new treat. "Marvel is trying pineapple for the first time," the video's text overlay reads. 

Marvel is practically smacking his lips after trying the fruit. "I think he likes it," the caption states. 

People in the comments section were so in love with Marvel. "I love how his ears go back when he's chewing but then forward when he's ready for more," @twisteddoxie pointed out. "Aside from my own babies there is almost nothing I love more than watching Marvel eat a freaking snack!" @itskristinm exclaimed. "He's like.... ok..ok I like this," @jerrytermin1 joked. "They be eating it so fast lol. I got two pugs that are boys and one takes his time and the other rushes like he hasn’t ate in days," @lesliekindabipolar shared. 

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Marvel does have one favorite fruit in particular, however. Apples! He even went viral for his love of the crunchy fruit.

Okay, Marvel is officially the best!

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