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Video of French Bulldog's Case of the 'Zoomies' Is So Cute It's Going Viral

If you're wondering why your dog might get random bursts of energy where they can't stop running around, don't worry. It's a normal and natural thing for dogs called the zoomies. The zoomies are a dog's way to release any pent-up energy. You might see dogs doing this after getting out of a bath or when you come home after a long day. There's no need to stress about it because a 'zoomie' dog equals a happy dog! 

The zoomies usually come at random times. You might not be able to suspect it. That is unless your furry friend is like TikTok doggo @masonbarnabyfrenchie. All Mason the French Bulldog sees in his apartment hallway is a zoomie straightaway where he can run up and down full speed ahead. But being the good boy he is, Mason has to double-check he is allowed to break out his zoomies. Check out how Mason asks for permission before darting off in the TikTok clip that has gained over 6.7 million views in two days! 

He was OFF! If you blinked, you would've missed him. LOL! We can't believe he got off the elevator and checked the hallway for any obstacles before looking back at dad for the final go-ahead. So cute! 

TikTok users are flooding the comments because well, we're all obsessed! "Got the Mario Kart drifting boost," wrote @magicgnome05. LMAO! We don't know how, but his entire body looked like it was drifting. Do we see a Fast and Furious - Mason Edition coming in the future? "I've never seen a dog fishtail before!😁," added @kayt_24. Neither have we! He must've been going too fast for his own good because the back of his body went sliding to the opposite side of his front half. LOL! 

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At least he waited for the 'OK' before zooming away. "Dog: coast is clear. Can I do the thing, dad?" commented @no body850. Aww! So sweet that Mason made sure it was safe to go. @nataly lopez wrote, "I love love how he asked you for permission first 💙 best doggies ever." Seriously, what a good boy! He can come do zoomies in our hallway whenever his little heart desires! 

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