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French Bulldog Can't Resist Snuggling Up to New Baby in Precious Video

With a new baby in the family, you're more than likely going to see a parent or grandparent obsessed with holding the little nugget. And that's not a bad thing! They're so cute that you just can't resist being with them. Of course, sometimes siblings in the family can get a little bit jealous. The same goes for pets. With a new baby on the scene, a pet might be feeling forgotten or jealous because everyone is ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the baby. 

But that's not the case for one family in particular. TikTok user @amyxox0 recently welcomed home a baby named Ivy. What she didn't expect was to see her French Bulldog puppy being the one obsessing over the new little human. In her video that has brought in over  7.3 million views, the puppy named Kenny can't stop snuggling with Ivy. That's something you don't see every day! Check out what Kenny does when his parents push him away from the baby. 

Aww, he wouldn't stop jumping up to be with her! You can't change our minds, we're convinced this baby is actually his. "But it's my human mummy. Lol cute xx," commented @Kirsten Parkinson. That is the start of an inseparable bond! "He is like, 'I don't know why this puppy is hairless, but I love it,'" added @Chyvy Lothus. LOL. 

Some TikTok users suggested getting Kenny his own bouncer, but the creator wrote in the comments, "Kenny only goes in there when my daughter is in it 🤣. She’s not phased by it 😅." HA! As long as Ivy doesn't mind, we don't mind. Plus, mom never lets Kenny do it when someone isn't watching him. (So don't go yelling at her, Karens!) 

@Shalini Maraj said, "They just snuggle buddies right now. A little puppy puddle." Aww! They're snuggle buddies now, but they'll be best friends forever.