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Frenchie and Mom's Self-Care Spa Day Is Serious Goals

There's nothing like indulging in a little self-care. Taking a nice long bubblebath, deep conditioning our hair, applying a luxurious sheet mask. The only thing that could make this whole sitch better is sharing it with someone you love.. like your dog. 

That's exactly what TikTok user @marvellen does in this hilarious video featuring her adorable little French Bulldog Marvel. 

Awwww, his little snorts are just so cute! He actually seems like he is enjoying spending time with mom, indulging in a little self-care. @Eleven says "Stawppp not the paper towel face mask marvels too cute!" We love him! @Rion adds "It’s the way he sits there so politely." He is such a patient, good boy. @RhondaMarsch comments, "He is such a good sport. He goes along with everything!! How precious is that.."

This makes us want to hit the drugstore or Sephora and grab our own sheet masks to do with our pets. Considering French Bulldogs need their creases cleaned it's not only adorable, it's just good pet grooming. Sheet masks for everyone! 

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