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Video of Upset French Bulldog Throwing Her Toys Like a Kid Is Cracking Us Up

Every child has those moments where they’re angry or upset and their emotions get the best of them. It’s normal! What was your go-to reaction when you were upset as a kid? Were you a crier? Whiner? Tantrum thrower? Any chance you were a toy thrower?

TikTok doggo @rorythefrenchie was very frustrated about something. We're not quite sure what, but it clearly got under her fur. In the clip, the French Bulldog is sitting on the couch next to one of her toys. Instead of barking out her feelings, she took it out on the toy! LOL. What on earth could have made Rory so “pupset”?! Watch what she does out of sheer frustration.

LOL! Is someone a little hangry maybe?! Or did she get in a fight with the toy? There are 100 possibilities of what could have happened. All we know is that this is the most adorable and funniest temper tantrum we’ve ever seen!  

“LMAO SHE THREW AND SAID WHAT!! Don’t try me 😂,” commented @gardengirlwpb. Oh, we wouldn’t dare! With her throwing her toys like that, we absolutely don’t want to get on Rory’s bad side. LOL! 

We’re loving that people are comparing Rory to cookies ’n creme. It’s even in her bio - home of the grumpy oreo blizzard. OMG. “Idk what you did but you apologize to that Dairy Queen blizzard today!” said @Ryleigh Bell. She’s certainly living up to the grumpy title, and an apology is the only thing to make her feel better.  LOL! @misaka added, “Ok, who’s upset the cookies n creme?” 

@Brandy Silva write, “Omg “pupset,” going to say this from now on.” Ha! Us too, it’s just too good!