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Frenchie's Owners Rank Her 'Favorite Places to Fart' and We Can't Stop Laughing

Most canines can clear a room with a twitch of the tail every now and again, but Olive the French Bulldog is an absolute toot machine. She makes her family laugh all the time with her smelly antics, but this video about her favorite places to let one rip is making all of TikTok laugh, too. 

Since @olivetheadorabull posted the video, she's gotten over half a million views and 81 thousand likes--that's one popular Frenchie! Honestly, though, we see why everyone loves her funny, farty self. She's got personality (and toots) for days! 

LMAO! Those farts sound so human it's unbelievable, but every detail about this video is to dye for, really. Commenter @aka.neecee loved "The eye contact 😂" Olive makes with her mom as she lets one go, but @emmeosbo is stuck up on this video's silent but deadly accuracy. 

"As a Frenchie mom, this is 100% accurate," she wrote. We're sure others can relate! Parents of any gassy dog will know the struggle. "I have 4 [Frenchies]," @imeldaandchrisgar commented. "Sometimes I’m scared to light my candles 😳." Ha! As funny as that is, it's totally true that Frenchie farts can be very, very potent. You should be worried about your own nose! 

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Olive is hilarious, but her pawrents are absolute masterminds for making this video, too. After all, teamwork makes the dream work! One of their comments is nearly as funny as the video itself, especially once you go back and watch with the sound on again: "Why does her little bonus toot at the very end go with the song 😅?" Because it was meant to be, that's why!

If you also died laughing at the bonus fart, you're not alone. @Josselyntf said, "I lost it completely 😂 my husband next to me looking at me like what’s wrong with you 😂," and it made us LOL all over again! Oh, Olive--if only you knew how many smiles and laughs your booty has caused!

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