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Video of 'Freya the Walrus' Sinking Boats In Norway Has Everyone Falling in Love

She's large, in charge, and ready to take down your barge: meet Freya the walrus. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but this girl boss definitely can--and regularly does--sink smaller boats off the coast of Norway. As one can imagine, the locals have a lot to say about it.

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @kassycho, we get to see just how much havoc this adorable walrus is wreaking. She might be mischievous, but she sure is hard to resist and has become a local celebrity.

In fact, Freya is now so well-known that she's been featured in numerous news segments, including this YouTube clip from EuroNewsUSA. Not only did we get the low down on this famous sunbather, but we got to enjoy some fantastic close-up shots of her in action. And yes, she's just as glorious as her description makes her out to be. Here's more footage of Freya in action!

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This girl is too funny--we just can't get enough of her! Understandably, though, boat-owning Norwegians are getting fed up with the damage to their boats, so they're not enjoying her presence quite as much as we are. After all, dealing with a walrus is a lot more difficult than caring for an aquarium at home! 

Luckily, officials have come up with a plan. They will build the walrus her own sunbathing deck, which they will slowly move closer and closer to the Arctic Circle--her natural habitat. 

"Why would she want to go back to the Arctic Circle when she can enjoy a nice warm summer in lovely Scandinavia? Poor tourist marketing there," video commenter Patrick Wentz joked. LOL! Clearly, she's enjoying herself, but there's got to be a compromise somewhere. 

For now, like eldritch monster of norfolk said, the "Queen needs her beauty sleep preferably in a sunny spot, can’t blame her." That's true! Hopefully, the walrus can catch some rays in peace until she discovers her new sunbathing deck. That is, when she isn't bathing herself from the pipe of someone's boat. 

"️Ha that ending! Freya is living her best life :D improvised shower!" commented Snoozey. They totally saw her boat-bath too--wasn't it the best? Obviously, this girl's personality is just as big as she is. 

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