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Video of New Puppy Owner Capturing Her Friends' Reactions to the Dog Is Priceless

If you're anything like us, we'd tell every person imaginable that we were getting a puppy. You want to show off your fur baby on social media with hundreds of videos and pictures. We totally get it! It's the most exciting news so how could anyone hold in that type of announcement?! 

Well, TikTok user @bethrose_20 is the type of person that keeps getting a puppy a secret. Rude! Ok ok, so maybe not rude. She did it to actually surprise her friends! And thank goodness she did because their reactions are everything! 

Aww, this is so great! Every single one of her friends coming into the house was greeted by the sweetest surprise and they each had a very similar reaction - shock and amazement. It was clearly love at first sight for them all! 

"😂😂 We're all the same when we see puppies," commented @Biff_Tuco. How else does someone react to seeing a puppy?! If they're mouth doesn't drop to the floor, we don't want it. LOL! 

"The first guy is my spirit animal every time I see a baby animal 😂," said @taanjaavr. Same here! Well, not just a baby animal. We're like this every time we see any animal! "I'm so glad your friends have the correct reaction to a baby dog ❤️❤️," added @Anna Henderson. LOL! If they didn't, we're afraid she'd have to get new friends. But now that her friends have seen the puppo, can we please get a close-up? We want to have the same reaction too! 


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