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Video of Dozens of Frogs Invading Woman's Pool Is Going Viral

Coming across an animal--say, a little frog in your swimming pool--can be a fun surprise. When you come face-to-face with dozens of little critters,'s a different story.

It's also a true story, and there's video footage to prove it. TikTok user @nikiroe11 posted this clip as the very first video on her account, and it has the app absolutely baffled. In the footage, @nikiroe11 walks around the edge of her swimming pool, which contains dozens--if not hundreds--of frogs. Honestly, it's kind of creepy!

What the heck happened here? We've never seen anything like this before, and by the sounds of it, neither has @nikiroe11! In fact, her reactions are getting just as much attention as the frog phenomenon.

"I’ve never heard someone actually say 'ugh'," commented @zoobileezoo. Haha--that's so true! This woman is an awesome enunciator, and she knows it. "I am a 50-yr-old mom / court reporter, so that is why I enunciate my words," she replied. "Bc nothing annoys me more than a fast-talker or a mumbler 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣." That's fair!

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Seriously, though--what happened to all these frogs? Commenter @realgoodbread was just one of the many curious folks who asked, but we couldn't pick out one definitive answer. @Morganssmashingpearls did write a thought-provoking comment though. 

"This isn’t normal at all," she said. "If there’s a drought and they’re having to mate they’ll head to water. The heat can also cause it but not this many." That's so sad! Much of the country is definitely in a drought period, too, so this could be a real possibility.

What also isn't clear, though, is why so many of the critters never made it out of the pool. Several commenters suggested adding small ramps to the pool, but we love @gabsquarees method, too.

"We have lil iPads that help the frogs get out!" she wrote. LOL! Before we could even finish our next thought, we read @elizabethaguirree's comment that said the very same thing: "I know you probably meant lily pads but now I can't stop thinking of Lil iPads in the pool 😂😂." Even though it's just a typo, how cute would that be?!

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