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Simple Recipe for Homemade Pumpkin Dog Treats Is a Total Halloween Must-Make

One of the bets parts of being a dog owner is having the opportunity to spoil our pups. This can look a few different ways, such as constantly buying them new toys or giving them a variety of tasty treats. One viral video is showing us how we can do the latter in this awesome video!

TikTok user @vixentherottie recently shared a video of a recipe for homemade pumpkin dog treats. In the video, they share the assembly process for these treats with the help of their Rottweiler, Vixen. Check out the video for the simple recipe for these delicious treats and see Vixen be the cutest assistant ever.

OMG, these dog treats look awesome! Pumpkin and blueberries are great for dogs, and we know our pups would love these. Vixen did a great job taste-testing all of the ingredients to ensure they were of the highest quality!

People in the comments couldn't wait to try this for their dogs. @darkishrose said, "Beautiful baby. Thank you for the recipe. I will definitely make it for mine!" and @hotgma18 commented, "I need to try these for my four fur babies!" It's such a fun way to give your pup some new treats for the fall season!

Others were very impressed with Vixen's help on the recipe. @officalhavok commented, "I love how she 'taste tests' every ingredient to make sure it's up to her standards." Another user, @thehumanresource, said, "That pup is just like me, eating some of the dough before it goes in." Vixen knows that tasting the mixture before it's done is the most important step in cooking!

We love videos like this because we are always looking for ways to go above and beyond for our pups, and Vixen was awesome for showing all of us dog parents an easy way to do this!

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