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Video of Rescued Fruit Bat Getting Its First Taste of a Banana Is So Sweet We Can't Even

When most people think of bats, they think of Halloween and horror movies, not cuddly babies that like to snack on fruit. However, this bat is changing minds and hearts across the internet, including ours!

TikTok user @jasmine.vink is a bat rehabilitator and ecologist in Australia. She spends her time rescuing injured or sick bats and nursing them back to health while maintaining a popular TikTok account where she posts both educational and cute videos of her patients. Jasmine recently posted a video of one of the Flying Fox bats under her care trying banana for the first time, and you will not believe how precious this little guy is while munching on his snack!

OMG! If you turn the volume up on the video, you can hear those sweet lip smacks as he's chewing, and his cute little tongue is to die for. You tell he's really enjoying this snack!

People in the comments of the video were falling in love with this adorable bat. TikTok user @ashimkhan531 said, "Not trying to be dramatic, but I would die for him," and @arlothebordeaux called the bat "the cutest sky puppy" in his comment. Calling bats "sky puppies" might be the best thing we've ever heard.

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Several users were surprised by the large size of the piece of banana Jasmine gave the bat. However, she made a comment of her own and informed us that bats have flexible cheeks designed to chew large pieces of fruit in order to extract the juice and then spit out the pulp. You learn something new every day!

This was such an adorable video! It really changed our perception of bats from scary to cuddly baby.

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