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Video Sharing Fun Facts About Sheep Makes Us Love Them Even More

Sheep are known (and loved) for their fluffy coats and happy-go-lucky attitude, but there's still a lot about the animal we've yet to learn. That's only one reason why we loved @edgarsmission's latest viral video about these adorable creatures, though. Besides being educational AF, all the sheep in the video are so entertaining to watch!

Whether or not you're as head-over-heels for fluffy lambs as we are, you have to check out the video. We promise--you'll learn something new today!

Okay, we're still recovering from fawning over those adorable animals. That lamb with the wagging tail nearly had us in tears over the cuteness! No wonder the video got so popular--over 4.4 million views and counting!

"Great. Now I need a sheep," wrote commenter You read our minds! If we didn't know any better, we'd think these sheep are just big ol' field puppies. That is how they act, if you think about it! 

@Ambercatherine0 agreed, "Alrighty then… so I’m not the only one who wants a pet sheep after watching this I guess." You're not! We do hope folks will take animal ownership seriously, though, no matter the species. A sheep will need plenty of space, shelter, and food! Not to mention enrichment activities and lots of attention.

Just ask @raq.wk! She shared, "I had raised a really tiny one. She would sit on my lap and when she got bigger would sleep beside me in the paddock if I sat down." She sounds like the sweetest thing! No wonder so many people are falling for these cuties.

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