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Cow's Adorably Stylish Hairdo Just Made Our Day

Everyone has had a bad hair day on occasion. Either it's too flat or too poofy or it's just looking like we got caught in a torrential downpour. But that's not an issue for beautiful baby Fern posted by @Wildrootsfarm because this sweet angel has the best hair ever! 

Just wait until you see how fancy little Fern looks all dolled up for a day at the farm. You gotta love her! 

Oh my goodness how precious is she? We love the cat who looks down at her like "Wait, we are doing fancy hair now? Where is my fancy new hairdo?" LOL. @Alwaysautumn asks, "Is there a part two? Does the cat run? Stay and boop Fern’s nose?" Just speaking for ourselves, we also want to boop Fern's nose! @Heatherrae says, "Sooo smooshy cute!!!" That is so true. Fern is smooshy cute! @Blackroses77 posts what we are all agreeing with "I’m in love!" 

Us too, girl, us too! What a pretty girl! There's nothing more adorable than a baby cow, except for one who is wearing pink hair bows. Here's hoping we get to see more Fern hairdos in the future! 

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