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Bunny's 'Advice' for What to Do When We Have a Bad Day Is Just Perfect

Bad days. We all have them. Whether some jerk cuts us off in traffic or some jerk forgets to add our French fries to our bag at the fast food drive-thru or some jerk forgets to roll up the car window and it pours all night and our car is soaking wet (Umm, we may or may not be that particular jerk.) 

Sometimes life is hard, and annoying, and we all just need to take advice from a bunny. Check out these words of wisdom TikTok user @Coconut_Fluffyears_bunny posted and learn something from this floofy baby.

LOL, such a wise bunny!@Joespheninearpe agrees posting, 'That's the plan today." @Deafedteachernerd adds, "Follow the cute’s nap time." @Susiewood comments, "Perfect. That’s my spirit baby. I feel exactly like that little darling." 

It is actually good advice! Sometimes all you need is a nap or a good night's sleep and things always look brighter in the morning. Thanks, bunny!

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