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Cute Video of Cats Saying 'Hey' Is the Pick-Me-Up We Need

Sometimes you just come across a video that makes you inexplicably happy and you're not sure why. This, my friends, is that sort of video. Maybe you're not having a super great day today. Maybe you burnt your toast this morning. Maybe you spilled a cup of coffee all over yourself. Maybe some dummy cut you off in traffic. 

Well, fear not, because this hilarious video posted by TikTok account @NaughtyCatcafe featuring a bunch of adoptable cats in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is here to completely improve your mood. Just watch! 

HEY! Why is this so great? We aren't sure but this video is going viral and all the comments are here for it. @MarisaBaldwin posts, "Please let every one of these cats know there's a stranger in NY who would die for them!" @KaralynnDunton states the obvious, in a super funny way, "AHAHAHAHAHAHA They’re all like, “Hey!” And it’s funny because they’re cats." LOL, it is funny! It just is! @VicVic824 is just like us and comments, "The number of times I watched this and continually smiled at these babies is probably unhealthy. I love them all." 

So cheer up. No matter how bad your day is, things could be worse. And these cats are here to just say "Hey" to you. You should probably send this to someone you know who could use a pick me up!

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