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Cat With 'Nose Dimple' Crunching Her Food Is Our Mealtime Hero

Do you ever have one of those days when you are just freaking starving and you cannot wait to eat and you maybe aren't as well-mannered as you usually are? You know, one of those times when you forget to eat all day so you're basically shoveling food into your mouth and chewing loudly and using your shirt as a napkin? No? Just us? Ok then! 

This adorable cat named Luna that belongs to TikTok user @MonkeyCatluna is just like us when we are hangry. Just watch this hilarious video and see if you can relate. 

NOM NOM NOM. She is the best! @AlyssaHarris asks "How come my kitty doesn’t crunch like that?" We aren't exactly sure what little Luna is eating in the video, but it sure does sound like some pretty crunchy dry food. @ExHee_ex says "Aaaaaawww... so cute...!" Luna is adorable, we love her little nose dimple. This video is going viral with over 1.2 million views, and we can totally see why. 

Listen, we can relate to Luna, sometimes you're just so hungry your manners go out the window. We have a feeling that this kitty gets away with it just because of how stinking cute she is.

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