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Tiny Chihuahua Rates Flowers in His Yard and We're Here for It

Here's an absolutely adorable way to send off summer, by watching this cute Chihuahua rate all the flowers in his garden. Little @Chihuahuacedricofficial obviously missed his calling of being a landscape architect so it's a good thing mom is letting him rate flowers in his spare time. 

We just love how cute he is and wait until you see what he's wearing while performing his flower rating duties! 

Awwwww! He is just too precious! @Der_geile.hengst agrees with us posting, "That dog is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life!!!" @Ronsterthemonster posts, "The cutest bee in the garden! 100/10!" Cedric really is such a cute bumblebee! @Missthang says "That little tongue! I know I say that all the time but he's just so flipping cute!!!" He looks so content in his flower garden too, almost like he's enjoying smelling the blooms. 

Now that fall is arriving I hope we get to see Cedric frolic in some leaves or visit a pumpkin patch. He's truly a dog that would look adorable in any season! 

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