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Mom's Chaotic Cooking Session With Her Corgis Makes Us LOL

Dogs love us as much as we love them. They can just, on occasion, take inopportune moments to want to demonstrate this love. Ask any dog owner who is attempting to take a bath in private or carry in groceries or enjoy a leisurely dinner and they'll tell you that's the time their dog is usually underfoot, demanding pets. Look! My human is busy! Time for some lovin'! 

That's exactly how the adorable corgis posted by @Mommyfarmer behave while she's doing everything in her power to try to prep dinner. Watch the following funny video and see if you can relate to this adorable chaos. 

We love how mom gives them a time out for bite club with toys in the living room and that lasted all of five seconds before Scout and Gracie camp out in the kitchen. @KellieG speaks for these cute corgis by commenting, "Mom! We are HELPING!" @Cathylanetta adds what anyone who also has human children knows, posting, "My dogs are way more high maintenance than my kids lol." @Netwillow posts "They would be floor patrol - you drop they swipe! Unless of course it’s something other than food then you get to clean it yourself!" 

That is so true, dogs are nature's own vacuum cleaners. That reminds us, the next time we adopt a dog we are naming it Dyson

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