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Maltipoo's 'Judgment' Over Mom's Mismatched Pajamas Is LOL Funny

Do you ever get the feeling your dog is judging you? Spoiler alert: they totally are. Whether it's because you decide to sing Christmas songs when it's only October or talk back to your TV (okay, let's be honest, yell back) when you're watching any of the 900 Real Housewives shows or when you're eating your midnight cheese. 

Or midnight tacos. You do you. Regardless, your dog is silently giving you the stink eye and if our pets could talk we'd all be in a world of trouble. Or at least @Olliepopmaltipoo's mama would. Just look at this fluff ball daring to give mom the LOOK when she's getting ready to take him outside. 

Listen bubber, if dogs could dress themselves we'd doubt you'd do any better. Every single one of us has our comfy, cozy garbage 'fit, you know, the kind you can wear to answer the door to the UPS guy but not the kind you can wear to rush into the grocery store in. We are all too familiar with this judgy dog look. @Pfosheezy posts, "I know this look!"  @DarkLadyJade's furbabies says, "Dang, the judgment! Mind your own business, pup." @Kaylee noticed how he was better dressed than probably any of us, posting "The fact that he’s wearing a fancy fall bandana really makes it for me." 

Listen Olliepop, he who needs to go outside to do his business should mind his own business when it comes to the attire of the human taking him outside. Excuse us, we are now going to cross stitch that on a doggy bed. 

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